Acetaia L. Campari Balsamic Vinegar

The Acetaia L Campari Company is one of the staunch balsamic vinegar producers of Modena, creating a top quality product aimed at higher end of the market. Its 'tradizionale' balsamic vinegars, like all authentic balsamic, have received the coveted Modena seal of approval, maintaining the highest standards. Whilst on the expensive side, Campari balsamic vinegar possesses an exquisite richness and depth of flavor. The company concentrates on the mid-range 15 year old balsamic, providing a flavorsome balsamic without the huge prices incurred by older vintages. Acetaia L Campari, in 1986, started developing a strong online presence, making its wonderful balsamic vinegar easily available to customers outside Italy. Campari is rightly lauded as one of the premium producers in Modena, easily justifying the slightly higher price of its 'black gold.'

Campari Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Aged 15 Years

Acetaia L. Campari

This precious balsamic vinegar arises from Lodovico Campari's passion for Modena and its origins. Trebbiano grapes are picked at their peak ripeness and the must that is obtained is then left to ferment in open top vessels. Once the cooked must has reduced by two thirds, it is then put in oak barrels where it stands in the dark of the "attics". From one year to another, Lodovico Campari's Balsamic Vinegar is transferred from one wood barrel to another, drawing distinctive and unmistakable aromas from each different kind of wood, from cherry to juniper. The Balsamico is then left to the generations experienced master tasters to decide its readiness. The deep sapphire color, the limpidity, the thick velvety texture and the deep contrast between its initial sweet element and its final acidulous one, makes Campari's Aceto Balsamico one of the true jewels of Modena. It is perfect used as a condiment for meat, fish, vegetables and aged cheeses. For a unique and special treat, try it over strawberries and ice cream. Each bottle contains 8.5 fluid ounces (250 ml.) of Aceto Balsamico di Modena aged 15 years by Acetaia L. Campari from Italy.

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