Balsamo Divino Balsamic Vinegar

The Balsamico Divino label is a sub-brand of the famous Acetaia Malpighi company of Modena, which has produced high quality balsamic vinegars for five generations. The 'tradizionales' produced by the Malpighi family are regarded as amongst the finest examples of the Modena craft. The company also owns a restaurant, where consumers can enjoy the Italian cuisine and sample some of the aged vinegars. Acetaia Malpighi, like many balsamic producers, has started diversifying its portfolio, extending the market appeal of balsamic vinegar. The Balsamico Divino label is an excellent 'condimento' balsamic, aged in the barrel for six years. Whilst not as rich and thick as the certified tradizionales, this balsamic conveys the unique taste of Modena Balsamic, without costing a small fortune.

Balsamo Divino Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamo Divino

A full-flavored balsamic vinegar ideal for daily use. Barrel-aged for six years and imported from Italy.

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Size: 6.75 fl. oz

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