Carandini of Modena Balsamic Vinegar

The Carandini family is held in high esteem amongst the great Modena balsamic producers, tracing its noble lineage back to 1700. In recent years, the family have embraced to the 21st century, incorporating a modern production line alongside the traditional attics, vastly increasing the global potential of the brand. Such innovation has enabled Carandini to diversify, and offer other balsamic vinegar based products alongside its fine, 'tradizionale,' vinegars. This circumvents the strict quotas imposed by the guild in Modena, and allows anyone to sample the unique balsamic taste. The company produces a fine Crema di Balsamico and a three year old balsamic, both keenly priced for everyday use. These well-received products are sold alongside the mature 'tradizionales,' which are aged for up to 104 years. The vast bulk of the Carandini family's business comes from outside Italy; the company really combines its ancient heritage, with modern technology, to great advantage.

Crema di Balsamico

Carandini of Modena

Amazon top 10 best seller, with a 5-star rating! Please note, this product is a balsamic reduction, not plain vinegar. But it's yummy! Crema di Balsamico is a syrupy reduction of Balsamic vinegar and grape must, the same juice of the Trebbiano grape used in the production of balsamic vinegar. This "Balsamic Cream" has a wonderful sweet-and-sour, fruity character, with tangy notes of ripe grapes, plums, and sun-ripened raisins. Those familiar with Italian cuisine will recognize the affinity to "Saba", the traditional reduction of grape must, now taken to a higher level. Packaged in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle for drizzling and plate decoration.

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