Casa Rinaldi Balsamic Vinegar

The Casa Rinaldi has been making balsamic vinegar, in Modena, for generations, but was consolidated with the Alis group in 1979.1 With the Alis affiliation, Rinaldi has embraced the modern market, and it produces an array of balsamic-based products. This has the dual benefit of making their excellent product available to the mass market, whilst avoiding the restrictions of the Modena quota system upon traditional balsamic. The condiments are well rated, but Casa Rinaldi certainly does not forget the purists, maintaining high standards for its 'tradizionales.' In 1990, the Rinaldi brand was awarded the coveted 'Campione del Monde' award, which is given every twenty years. For the next two years, at least, Rinaldi is the proud holder of the best in the world tag, an outstanding achievement amongst fierce competition.

Crema di Balsamico Bianco (White Balsamic Dressing)

Casa Rinaldi

White balsamic dressing cream is ideal for garnishing and seasoning meat, fish and vegetables and flavoring ice cream and strawberries. Our Crema di Balsamico Bianco is from Casa Rinaldi, a foremost producer of traditional balsamic vinegars of Modena for several generations. Their balsamic creme preparations were created with casual and frequent consumption in mind. They are specifically bottled in plastic, squeeze bottles which allow for easier use for decorative presentations.

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