Compagnia del Montale Balsamic Vinegar

Compagnia Del Montale is a well-known name amongst the community of balsamic producers in Modena, consistently lauded for the superior quality of its balsamic. The 'tradizionales' are aged between 5 and 25 years, and are aimed at the high end of the market. All Compagnia del Montale products are organic and free of additives and colors, reinforcing the deserved reputation. In 2003, the company was given an award for excellence by a review panel of peers and judges, a difficult achievement amongst the hundreds of producers. As with most of the Modena and Reggina tradizionales, the high-end products are vetted for excellence, so are guaranteed to be exquisite. Compagnia's condimento balsamic is reputed to be almost as good as the tradizionale, although possibly a little expensive for everyday use.

Balsamic vinegar Nr 12 "Riserva"

Compagnia del Montale

Amazon top 3 best selling balsamic vinegar, with a 5-star rating! The Nr 12 balsamic vinegar is the newest addition in the fine production of Compagnia del Montale. The Nr 12 has been under development and testing over the past 20 years and has now finally been aged to perfection according to the production knowledge of Compagnia del Montale. A product so pure in flavor that connoisseurs are asking how it is possible!

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