Leonardi Balsamic Vinegar

Acetaia Leonardi was founded in 1871, and it is regarded as one of the finest balsamic producers in Modena, building upon the fine reputation of the wines emanating from its vineyards. Its 'tradizionale' balsamic is amongst the best, although also one of the most expensive, and Leonardi concentrates mainly upon the 12 and 30 year old versions. Strict quotas restrict the amount of 'tradizionale' sold every year, but the company also produces 'condimento', a slightly lower quality variant free of the stringent quality controls. Leonardi's 'condimento' is viewed as almost equal to the tradizionale, high praise that justifies the high price. The everyday tradizionale brands, aged from 3 to 12 years, are viewed as the equal of the more mature varieties produced by others. For a rare treat, the company offers a 100-year old balsamic, costing hundreds of dollars but providing a unique culinary experience. In 2000, the Leonardi family was instrumental in bringing in regulations governing the quality of condimento balsamic. Unlike the tradizionale, this market has been flooded by inferior products, detracting from the Modena seal of quality. The Leonardi's are trying to address that dilution in quality.

Original Balsamic Condiment Reserve Vinegar by Leonardi


Condimento Originale Riserva, Original Condiment Reserve, by Leonardi is an artisanal specialty produced in limited quantities by one of the most well respected makers of Balsamic Vinegar. It is presented with a certificate which guarantees that it has been transferred at least 15 times through barrels made of oak, chestnut, ash and mulberry. This prized original condiment is presented in a wax-sealed and numbered decorative bottle in a beautiful gift box which also contains the certificate of authentification as well as recipes for use.

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